Contact lenses and color lenses in everyday life

In this article, you will discover all the small hazards of lens wearers. Do not worry, nothing serious but be careful because eyes we have only two!

Color lenses and sleep

Have you fallen asleep with your color lenses? Do not panic, moisturize your eyes with saline solution before removing them. Then clean your contact lenses thoroughly in saline solution.

But be careful, this should not happen too often because when the eyelid is closed the eye is much less oxygenated ... This can cause an asphyxia of the cornea, which can have a serious consequence in the long term.

So removing your color lenses before going to sleep should be part of your routine!

Color lenses and screen

Wearer of color lenses or not, working on a screen decreases the frequency of blinking of the eyes. Blinking of the eyes helps to shed tears on your eye, a decrease in blinking frequency often causes a dry eye sensation.

This sensation is more annoying in lens wearers because the lenses need to be properly hydrated to be effective. So if you work in front of a computer all day long there are two solutions:

- Remember to blink more often,

- Use artificial tears adapted to lenses, so without preservatives, in single-dose packaging,

Contact lenses and plane

Remove your color lenses for a trip by plane. The dry atmosphere of the abine will be responsible for drying out your contact lenses, wearing the lenses will be uncomfortable or painful.

Color lenses and train

No problem in particular, but still expect artificial tears, a case and a saline solution. It is enough for you to come across a cabin where the air conditioning is very strong and the wearing of lenses can become uncomfortable on long journeys.

If you travel to hot countries: wet or dry, be careful when handling color lenses to keep your hands clean and dry. If you have a dry eye sensation you can use artificial tears without preservatives.

Contact lenses and Sports Activities

Contact lenses are often recommended for sports, because they offer a wide field of vision and they are more practical than glasses!

Color lenses and water

It is strongly discouraged to wear color lenses for aquatic activities (and even to take a shower), an important risk of infection related to the presence of amoebae, parasites found in all fresh water. The use of daily disposable contact lenses can only be considered with the use of waterproof goggles! Wearing sports goggles adapted to vision is the best option without risk.

Contact lenses and Make-up / Cosmetics

If you wear contact lenses, put them on before putting on makeup. Remove them also before removing makeup!

Attention, it is strongly discouraged to put pencil inside the eyelashes, it can deposit germs, which in color with the lenses, will promote the occurrence of an eye infection. We must also think about looking at the expiry dates on beauty products!

Color lenses and pregnancy

Wearing color lenses is not contraindicated for pregnant women.

Ocular changes may, however, alter the comfort of wearing contact lenses and the risk of infection increases, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy:

- Modification of shape of the cornea on which the color lenses are placed. Its curvature increases, color lenses can become inadequate.

- Pregnancy may be accompanied by a light myopia, which may or may not resolve a few weeks after childbirth,

- The change in the composition of the tears may explain a possible discomfort,

- The sensitivity of the cornea decreases. We must therefore be very attentive to any sign of intolerance (redness, blurred vision, unusual secretions)

If you can not wear your color lenses during pregnancy, do not hesitate to wear them less during the day or to alternate with your glasses. If discomfort persists, consult your specialist.

Caution: Remember to remove your contact lenses before delivery, you may experience unexpected anesthesia and wearing contact lenses is contraindicated in this case.

Color Lenses and Altitude

The cold and the rarefaction of the oxygen are not ideal for a port of comfortable contact lenses and a good oxygenation of the eye.

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