Desio goes outside 3 new color lenses collections

New arrivals 2019 : Always more Color Lenses with Desio 

Desio is one of the most famous Italian brand of color lenses. When Spring is coming, new collections of color lenses are generally coming. As you probably learnt in our last article, Solotica has just released its new collection of daily lenses : Aquarella. Now it’s Desio turn to come out with its new collection. As we like to tell you everything about the new color lenses, discover before everyone else all the news collections of Desio. These color lenses are of course available on

You probably already know Attitude Daily, one of Desio color lenses collection, already available on My Color Lenses (these color lenses are without contour). Discover now with us Attitude Monthly (2 tones), Attitude Quarterly (2 Tones) and Attitude Quaterly (3 tones). These three collections of color lenses will be available very soon on our website.

Desio Attitude Collection of Color Lenses

Until now, Desio only offered one duration of time with its collection Desio Attitude  : it was the Daily use. Indeed, Rebel Gray, Romantic Blue, Wild Green and Delicious Honey are available in 1 Day.

Now, these exact same models of color lenses are available in quaterly with the collection Attitude Quarterly (2 Tones) color lenses. You will find again the nice two tones on each color lenses.

Attitude Monthly (2 tones) is really a new collection of beautiful color lenses without contour. We mean that in the way that the four models of this collection are totally new. Sublime Grey, Angelic Blue, Lush Green and Shameless Hazel are part of the collection Desio Attitude Monthly. These color lenses are innovative. We don’t know about you, but at, we really like Sublime Grey and Lush Green.

monthly color lenses desio attitude

Our favorite collection of color lenses Desio Attitude : Desio Attitude Quarterly Three Tones

Finally, Desio released a new collection : Attitude Quaterly (3 tones color lenses). Here again, the color lenses of these collection are really new. With contour, these color lenses are amazing. If you like to be seen and noticed, you have to choose this collection. The two models of color lenses Irresistibile Blue and Charming Green are totally amazing. They bring charisma and appeal. Theirs colors are so bright and strong. Precious Gray and Tender Hazel are less bright, but so innovative. We let you judge it with pictures of the collection Desio Attitude Quarterly.

new color lenses desio attitude

Desio Attitude Daily Color Lenses (Two Tones) : Rebel Grey, Romantic Blue, Wild Green, Delicious Honey.

Attitude Monthly (2 tones) color Lenses : Sublime Grey, Angelic Blue, Lush Green, Shameless Hazel.

Attitude Quarterly (2 Tones) color lenses : Color Lenses (Two Tones) : Rebel Grey, Romantic Blue, Wild Green, Delicious Honey.

Attitude Quaterly (3 tones color lenses) : Color Lenses (Three Tones) : Precious Grey, Irresistibile Blue, Charming Green, Tendez Hazel.

You are looking for a color in particular for your color lenses ?

You want to wear Green Contacts Desio Attitude : Wild Green 1 Day, Lush Green Monthly, Wild Green Quaterly 2 tones, Charming Green Quaterly 3 tones.

You want to wear Gray Contacts Desio Attitude : Rebel Grey 1 Day, Sublime Grey Monthly, Rebel Gray Quarterly 2 tones, Precious Grey Quaterly 3 tones.

You want to wear Blue Contacts Desio Attitude : Romantic Blue 1 Day, Angelic Blue Monthly, Romantic Blue Quaterly Two Tones, Irresistibile Blue Quaterly 3 tones,

You want to wear Brown Contacts Desio Attitude : Delicious Honey 1 Day, Shameless Hazel Monthly, Delicious Quaterly Honey 2 tones, Tender Hazel Quaterly 3 tones.


  • Posted by Kaia Savage on

    I need a -11 in shameless hazel

  • Posted by on

    Hi Kaia,
    Unfortunately Desio Attitude Shameless Hazel color lenses only go until -8.00. You can still wear these lenses without prescription and wear your prescription glasses at the same time.
    Otherwise Solotica color lenses offer -8.00 in prescription. You can have a look at their models of color lenses on our website
    The team

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