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  • Bella color lenses : 5 new models of color lenses available in may 2020

    The color lens brand Bella has just announced the release of five new models of color lenses in May 2020. Presentation of these five models which are part of the Bella Elite and Bella One Day collections respectively. Rather than creating a new collection of colored lenses in 2020, the Lebanese b... View Post
  • Bella Color Lenses : The beauty secret of Lebanese stars

    Founded in 2008,ย Bella, the Lebanese brand of color lensesย has quickly established itself in the highly competitive color lenses market thanks to the quality of its natural color lenses and its many innovations that have allowed it to set new standards. Magnified byย the natural Bella color lense... View Post
  • Bella Elite : 3 new models of color lenses available on

    Bella Elite : 3 new models of color lenses available on Until now, there were 7 different color lenses on Bella Elite collection. Now, this collection of color lenses counts 10 models. Indeed, Bella decided to complete its collection. Discover the three new color lensesย of Bella... View Post