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Color lenses with prescription

  • 6 reasons why you should wear color lenses instead of glasses

    Why you should wear color lenses rather than glasses Color lenses are not always just worn by esthetics choices. They can be worn to avoid wearing glasses and still correct her/his vision thanks to the prescription of her/his color lenses. Discover 6 advantages of wearing color lenses that you pr... View Post
  • New color lenses Dahab Gold and Dahab Platinum

    Five new lenses Dahab Gold and Dahab Gold Platinum for the Summer 2020 After Bella, this is Dahab's turn to release its five new color lenses for the Summer 2020. Discover these amazing color lenses Dahab Goldย and color lenses Dahab Platinum with us. All the Dahab lenses are characterized by a hi... View Post
  • Bella color lenses : 5 new models of color lenses available in may 2020

    The color lens brand Bella has just announced the release of five new models of color lenses in May 2020. Presentation of these five models which are part of the Bella Elite and Bella One Day collections respectively. Rather than creating a new collection of colored lenses in 2020, the Lebanese b... View Post