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  • Habits are very easy, especially bad ones!

    When we are a young wearer of lenses we are careful to disinfect our contact lenses every day, to change the multifunctional solution every day, to remove the contact lenses before taking a shower... We follow to the letter the instructions of our ophthalmologist but little by little the bad habi... View Post
  • The most frequently asked questions about color lenses

    I have allergies, can I still use contact lenses? Yes. Allergies, even eye allergies, are not a contraindication to wearing contact lenses. Daily contact lenses, also called disposable lenses, are often recommended because they prevent re-infection via contact lenses. Your ophthalmologist may mak... View Post
  • All you need to know about dry eye when you like to wear color lenses

    What is dry eye? Dry eye is when the quantity and / or quality of the tears of an individual is insufficient. The tears are constantly produced by tear glands and spread over the entire surface of the eye through the blinking of the eyelids. Composed mainly of water and fat, tears act as a thin b... View Post