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  • How to enjoy free delivery on ?

    You don't like to pay fee of delivery ? We have solution for you.

    Enjoy free Delivery Express onย mycolorlenses.comย from $99 of orderย on any color contact lensesย ๐Ÿ˜˜. As well as to get free delivery, you delivery will be delivered in...

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  • Follow us on Social Media !

    Have a lot of previews of the best color contact lenses on our Social Media is obviously present on social media as Instagram and Facebook. You will find on our social media a lot of pictures of the contacts sold on These color contact lenses areย worn by diffe... View Post
  • We, Mycolorlenses, who are we ?

    My Color Lenses is an e-commerce website created by the firm Auva Vision, locatedย on the French Riviera, nearย Cannes, the city of the Festivals, in France. Specialized on the sell of cosmetic contact lenses, Auva Vision is well-know in the world of cosmetics contact lenses.

    Sinceย its creation, Auva Vision has worked with all the famous brands of cosmetic contact lenses like Adorรฉ...

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