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Solotica color lenses

  • New models of Solotica Hidrocor

    Finally ! Seven months after the launch of the daily range Solotica Aquarella daily lenses, the famous Brazilian brand of contact lenses launches not one, nor two but three new models of color lenses Solotica Hidrocor! The new Solotica Hidrocor color lenses have completely new shades! Do you wan... View Post
  • The brand of color lenses Solotica celebrates its 70 years!

    The Brazilian Solotica brand of Color Lenses is 70 years old this year! Happy birthday Solotica! My Color Lenses tells you everything about Solotica brand and Solotica new collection Solotica Aquarella on this post. 70 years ! Which brand of color lenses can boast of having as much experience as ... View Post
  • Color Lenses Solotica : new daily color lenses Aquarella

    Color Lenses : wear Solotica Aquarella in 2019 Solotica, the famous Brazilian brand of color lenses, has just released its new collection. And guess what ? For the first time, Solotica created daily color lenses. Let us introduce these color lenses to you. As us, you were probably waiting the ne... View Post