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  • New models of Solotica Hidrocor

    Finally ! Seven months after the launch of the daily range Solotica Aquarella daily lenses, the famous Brazilian brand of contact lenses launches not one, nor two but three new models of color lenses Solotica Hidrocor! The new Solotica Hidrocor color lenses have completely new shades! Do you wan... View Post
  • Do you know the major visual defects that disturb us on a daily basis?

    You've probably heard of some visual defects like myopia and presbyopia. These terms are familiar to the general public. On the other hand, hyperopia and astigmatism are less so. My Color Lenses enlighten you on these terms which seem rather barbaric at first. Myopia: You may not know it, but myo... View Post
  • Correct astigmatism with toric color lenses

    You are astigmatism ? Don't worry, you can wear color lenses. You will need to wear color lenses made to measure for your own confort.ย  On, two brands of color lenses offer toric lenses. Discover them below : Toric color lenses Solotica : You will found on theย Toric lenses... View Post