• black and yellow case holder contact lenses
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Black and yellow contact lenses case holder

Enjoy our original black and yellow case holder contact lenses for your favorite lenses. Contact lenses case holder is an indispensable element when you wear color lenses or contact lenses.

Why do you need to get a contact lenses case holder ? 

Indeed, you absolutely need contact lenses case holder to rinse your contact lenses before their first use. After every use, you have to let your contact lenses soak in a saline solution.

Your black and yellow contact lenses case holder will help you to maintain your color lenses every day.

How long can you use your contact lenses case holder ?

We recommend you to change your contact lenses case holder every month in order to keep your lenses in a sterile environment.

Enjoy our different colors of case holder color lenses : white and blue case holder, white case holder, white and pink case holder and black and yellow case holder.