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Brown Contact Lenses Air Optix Colors Brown - 1 Month Use

  • $40.00
  • $55.00
  • - $15.00

Get stunning eyes with Brown Lenses Air Optix Colors!

Made by the Alcon Lab, Contact Air Lenses Optix Colors are part of the new generation. Thanks to a unique smart shield technology for outstanding comfort from day 1 to day 30, these contact lenses are very comfortable.

They combine beautiful color with a highly silicone hydrogel material for white, healthy-looking eyes, and an ultra-smooth surface for comfortable lens wear. 

The breathability is unmatched with a superior oxygen transmissibility among the other brands of color contact lenses.

A box contains two contact lenses with the same correction. If you need two different corrections for your left and right eyes, please, order two different boxes. For example, if you need the correction -2.00 for your left eye and the correction -3.00 for your right eye, you will have to buy two boxes: one with the power of -2.00 and another with power -3.00.

Please, note that it does not matter if you order contacts without power.

Features :
- Contents : Two sterile color contact lenses (33% Water, 67 % Polymacon) immersed in saline
- Use : Mensual
- Diameter : 14,2 mm
- Base Contour : 8,6 mm
- Powers : 00.00 (no power), -8.00 to +6.00 is a direct contact lens seller. As a professional seller, we can only sell contact lenses to you if you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.