• adore tri tone hazel color lenses
  • adore tri tone hazel color lenses
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Adore Lenses Tri-Tone Hazel - 3 Months Use

  • $35.00
  • $50.00
  • - $15.00

Bring some brilliance at your natural eye color with Adore Tri-Tone Hazel color lenses

Features of Hazel color lenses Adore Tri-Tone Hazel

- Contents : Two sterile color contact lenses (38% Water, Polymacon immersed in saline solution),
- Use : Three-monthly,
- Diameter : 14.00 mm,
- Base Contour : 8.60 mm,
- Without Power : 0.00,
- With Power : -0.50 to -5.00 by step of 0.25, 
                        -5.00 to -16.00 by step of 0.50,
                        +0.50 to +5.00 by step of 0.25,
                        +5.00 to +10.00 by step of 0.50.


Correct your view with prescription color lenses Adore Tri-Tone Hazel

Please, note that the period of delivery is longer if your order Adore color lenses with prescription. We need to order your prescription at Adore’s lab. Count 7 to 12 extra days for your delivery. 

If you order your Adore lenses with prescription in Express Shipping with DHL on, you will still be delivered faster than if you would have chosen a standard shipping post.

Change your look with color lenses Adore Tri-Tone Hazel

Contact lenses Adore Tri-Tone Hazel three-monthly are a part of the collection Bi-Tone of Adore. These hazel contacts are made by Eyemed Technologies in Italy. Hazel eyes will be enhanced with these lenses.

All the color lenses of Adore Tri-Tone collection

Six tones constitute the collection Adore Tri-Tone : Adore Tri-Tone Blue, Adore Tri-Tone Green, Adore Tri-Tone Light Blue, Adore Tri-Tone Light Grey, Adore Tri-Tone Hazel, Adore Tri-Tone Light Green.

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Contact Lenses Adore Tri-Tone Hazel 3 Months are made by Eyemed Technologies in Italy. is a direct contact lens seller. As a professional seller, we can only sell contact lenses to you if you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.