• Contact lenses Soleko One daily Blue

Blue Contact Lenses Soleko One Daily Color Blue

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See the word through different eyes with the collection One Daily Color Blue from Soleko

Features : 

- Contents : 10 soft color contact lenses (55% Water, 45% PolymHema) immersed in sterile saline solution
- Use : Daily
- Diameter : 14.20mm
- Base Contour : 8.60mm

Please, note that color lenses Soleko One Daily Color Blue are not available with prescription.

Contact lenses One Daily Color Blue are the latest innovation from Soleko. These easy-to-wear, coloured daily lenses adapt perfectly to suit any outfit, occasion or mood. Designed for wearers who love changing every day and seeing the world through different eyes.

Lenses One Daily Color are available in four colors : PearlBlueGreen and Choco.

The color of the lenses is compact and solid, creating a vivid, intense look. 

Please, note that the delivery time is longer if you order lenses with power than if you order contacts without power. is a direct contact lens seller. As a professional seller, we can only sell contact lenses to you if you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully. contact-lenses-soleko-one-daily-color-choco,green-contact-lenses-soleko-one-daily-color-pearl,green-contact-lenses-soleko-one-daily-color-green,contact-lenses-soleko-queens-cold-mint-green-1-month