Lenses Desio Attitude Rebel Grey (Gray Contacts) - 3 Months Use

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Adopt Dolce Vita style with Desio Color Lenses Attitude Rebel Grey 2 Tones 3 Months

Features of color lenses Desio Attitude Rebel Grey 3 Months :

- No prescription available
- 2 sterile color contact lenses (38% Water, Polymacon) immersed in saline,

- Use : 3 Months,
- Diameter : 14.20 mm,
- Base Contour : 8.70 mm,
- Tones : 2 tones.

Do you want a new look all month long ? Have you ever dreamt to have light or bright eyes ? Adopt Dolce Vita style with Desio Color Lenses. Made by Qualimed, Desio color lenses pay particular attention to style. Desio lenses help to harmonize the energies of the body and mind. Women like men never tire of trying new colors to broaden their vision of themselves.

What is so special about the collection Attitude 2 Tones 3 Months and Desio color lenses Rebel Grey ?

Desio Lenses Attitude Rebel Grey are designed to enhance your eyes. Desio Lenses allow very dark eyes to be lightened ! These gray Contacts are created to blend with your eye color to produce natural look.

What are the other color lenses of the collection Desio Attitude 2 Tones 3 Months ?

Four shades constitute the collection Desio Attitude Quaterly 2 Tones : Attitude Wild Green, Attitude Romantic Blue, Attitude Rebel Grey, Attitude Delicious Honey.

Do Desio Attitude Color Lenses Rebel Grey meet hygiene standards ?

Yes, gray color lenses Desio Attitude Rebel Grey meet all hygiene standards of the European Union and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

When should I put my Desio contact lenses Rebel Grey ?

We advise you to always wear your gray lenses before applying makeup. This tip will allow you to not run your makeup by putting your contact lenses.

How I maintain my Desio color lenses ?

In order to preserve your gray lenses while respecting hygiene standards and your eyes, you must obtain a multifunctional solution and a case for your beautiful gray contact lenses. When removing your contact lenses, rinse them with clear water and then soak them with saline solution in your case. Don't worry, when you will receive your gray color lenses Desio, you will be able to refer to the user guide. Thus, your color lenses will be perfectly maintained.

How long can I wear my Desio Rebel Grey Lenses ?

Gray lenses Desio Attitude Rebel Grey can be worn for up to three months.

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