Colored Contact Lenses

If you are looking to switch up your eye color and try out blue eyes, grey eyes, green eyes or hazel eyes, check out our wide variety of colored contacts!

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Prescription colored contacts


If you have always found blue eyes attractive, now you can try a pair of blue colored contacts !


Combining mystery and sensuality, grey eyes become a seductive asset. Fall in love with our grey colored contacts !


Did you know that only 2% of the world is lucky enough to have green eyes ! Now you can join them! Choose our green colored contacts !


Do you want to lighten your dark eyes ? Hazelnut eye contacts will make your eyes look different in a subtle way !

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At the cutting edge of technology, Air Optix Colored Contacts will bring you comfort and optimal coverage. Discover all the shades of Blue contacts, Green contacts, Hazel Contacts, Grey contacts Air Optix !

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Discover Solotica Lenses and all its collections: Hidrocor, Aquarella, Natural Colors. Solotica contacts exist with prescription colored contacts or non prescription colored contacts.

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Discover the brand of Colored Contact Lenses Bella known to stars such as Kim Kardashian and Nadine Njeim. Find your collection : Bella Elite, Bella Diamonds, Bella Glow, Bella Natural, Bella Snow White ...

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Enhance your eyes with Adore Lenses. Find the color that suits you ! Adore Bi-Tone, Adore Tri-Tone, Adore Dare, Adore Precious Pearl, Adore Crystal Very natural and comfortable Color Lenses !

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No Prescription Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts for dark eyes

Obsession Paris is an innovative brand of colored contact lenses offering a broad spectrum of natural looking shades. Discover why this French brand of colored eye contacts is so popular with women !

My Color Lenses : Colored Contacts

Visitus at to discover the best Colored Contact Lenses and Halloween Contacts on the market !

We offer a one-of-a-kind selection of Colored Contacts by the world’s top manufacturers.

Discover Colored Lenses and Halloween Contacts made by well known companies such as TTdeyes, Solotica, Desio, Adore, Freshlook, Air Optix, Bella, Celena, Colour Vue, Core, Dahab, Fashion Lentilles, Soleko, Obsession Paris, and more.

MyColorLenses also offers prescription colored contacts and non prescription colored contacts !

Are you looking for a lens that can correct long or short-sightedness, presbyopia or astigmatism while at the same time change or enhance your eye color ? MyColorLenses has the perfect contacts for you!

Fancy a change?

Our contacts are available in a wide array of colors. Try our blue contacts, green contacts, grey contacts, or hazel contacts to achieve the look you want. Spice up your Halloween outfit with Halloween Contacts!

At MyColorLenses, you will absolutely discover the contacts that suit you best !

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Discover all our Halloween Contact Lenses : My Color Lenses offers you a wide range of Party Crazy Lenses : Cosplay Contacts, Sclera Lenses, White Contacts, Black Contacts, Red Contacts Circle Lenses ...

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