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36 collections, 7 colors and 267 tones.

Adore Contact Lenses

Adoré colored contact lenses from Italy

Born in Italy, Adore's cosmetic Contact Lenses are made by Eyemed Technologies, a very experienced lab. You will find the Italian style on Contact Lenses Adore. Adore is present in 30 countries in Europe, in Africa, Asia, Latina America and now the United States and Canada thanks to Mycolorlenses. The quality of the materials and the design of their products are very important for this brand. Adore's work is guided by an important principle. Indeed, they care about the health and beauty of your eyes.

Adore color lenses are available without power.

Collections : Dare, Bi-Tone & Tri-Tone.

Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses

Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses are made by the lab Alcon. They are part of the new generation. Why ? Because they use a unique smart shield technology for outstanding comfort from day 1 to day 30. Experiment the comfort of Air Optix Colors. The breathability is unmatched thanks to a superior oxygen transmissibility among the other brands of color Contact Lenses.

Air Optix colors lenses are available with prescription or without prescription.

Collection : 1 Month.

Bella Contact Lenses

Ccolored contact lenses Bella from Italy

Bella Contact Lenses were born in 2008 in Lebanon in the Middle East.

B : Breathable & Healthy – patented material enables healthy flow of oxygen to the eyes
E : Exceptional Vision – provides clear, crisp vision
L : Lens Protection – shields your eyes with a UV blocker
L : Luxury – soft materials that provide all day comfort
A : Artistic – unique designs created from the imagination of a visionary artist
Bella Lenses are now available with prescription or without prescription.

Collections : One DayContour, Diamonds, Elite, Glow & Natural.

ColourVUE Contact Lenses

ColourVUE sells contact lenses

CoulourVUE has been created by the firm MaxVUE in Malaysia. This brand uses the last technologies of coloring to make ColourVUE Contact Lenses. ColourVUE is aimed at all people who would like to wear a different natural color.

ColourVUE Lenses are available with prescription or without prescription.

Collection : Lumina 3 Months.

Core Contact Lenses

Core contact lenses at the best price

According to Core, "every lens, whether it's for prescription or cosmetic purposes, is designed to put you at ease". Born in the Middle East, Core has intention to make you enjoy the softness and the intimate touch of her Contacts with freedom.

Core Lenses are available with prescription or without prescription.

Collection : 3 Months.

Dahab Contact Lenses


Dahab contact lenses from The Middle East

Dahab Contact Lenses were born in the Middle East. Dahab's Contact Lenses are manufactured by the latest Contact Lenses technology that helps keep Contacts most and comfortable throughout your days. 

Dahab's Lenses are characterized by high specifications and quality of health to suit the eye and gives it the comfort of being lighter in terms of thickness, which makes it light on the eye and convenient. These Lenses offer a unique group of charming colors with full protection of UV ray.

Dahab colored Contacts are now available with prescription or without prescription.

Collections : Gold, Platinum & Sabrin.

Desio Contact Lenses

Get Desio contact lenses to have a beautiful look

Desio has been created by Qualimed, an Italian color Contact Lens manufacturer. Desio's Contact Lenses are designed to blend with natural eye color to produce a more natural look. Desio wants dark eyes to be lightened and bright eyes to be enhanced. Quality, safety and design are very important to Qualimed.

Desio Contacts are now available with prescription or without prescription.

Collections : Attitude, Coffee, Sensual Beauty, Two Shades of Grey.

Freshlook Contact Lenses

freshlook color lenses with or without power

Born in United States, Freshlook have a wide variety of color Contact Lenses to enhance or transform your eye color. This brand uses the 3-in-1 color technology blends with your own eye color for an incredibly.

Freshlook Contact Lenses are available with prescription or without prescription.

Collection : Colorblends, Colors, Dimensions, One Day.


Obsession Paris Contact Lenses

Best contact lenses from France in color

In just a few years, Obsession Paris became a reference in Contact Lenses. Born in France, Obsession Paris responds to a complicated demand to reach : these Contact Lenses are ultra covering. The consequence ? These three-monthly color lenses are also adapted at dark eyes. Seduce and please yourself with an ultra natural effect thanks to Obsession Paris and her three collections.

French Lenses Obsession Paris are available with prescription or without prescription (only 8 models from collections Seduction & Sensuality are available with prescription for the moment).

Collections : Perfection, Seduction & Sensuality.

Solotica Contact Lenses

solotica hidrocor lenses

Created in 1949 in Sao Paolo in Brazil, Solotica offers comfortable and natural Contact Lenses. With their ultra natural colors, they became a reference in the fashion world. They are available with or without spherical and toric power. You can choose a different power for your left and right eyes.

Brazilian Lens Solotica are available with prescription or without prescription.

Collections : Hidrocor 1 Month, Hidrocor 1 YearRio 1 Year, Solfex NaturalColors 1 Month, NaturalColors 1 Year.

Toric color Contacts Solotica are also available on in 1 Year : Toric 1 Year.

Soleko Contact Lenses

Looking for Soleko contact lenses from Italy

As Adoré and Desio, Soleko is an Italian brand of cosmetics Contact Lenses. These Lenses are produced with a "semiestampada" (semi-stamped) technique propre to this brand. Soleko uses an exclusive system of production for this.

Italian Lenses Soleko are available with prescription or without prescription.

Collections : One Daily Color, Queen's OrosQueen's Solitaire, Queen's Twins & Queen's Trilogy.

As a professional seller, can only sell contact lenses to you if you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.