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  • Innovation : contact lenses who zoom when you blink

    Scientists created a new king of contact lenses : contact lenses who zoom when you blink What if you could zoom when you blink thanks to your contact lenses ? Believe it or not, but scientists of San Diego university in the United States created very original and interesting contact lenses. These... View Post
  • Some smart contact lenses watch the sugar rate of those who wear them

    What if you were watching your sugar rate thanks to your color lenses?ย  At, we recently discovered a very interesting information that we wanted to share with you. Did you know it exists some contact lenses who can keep a close eye to your sugar rate when you wear them?ย  A g... View Post
  • 6 reasons why you should wear color lenses instead of glasses

    Why you should wear color lenses rather than glasses Color lenses are not always just worn by esthetics choices. They can be worn to avoid wearing glasses and still correct her/his vision thanks to the prescription of her/his color lenses. Discover 6 advantages of wearing color lenses that you pr... View Post