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  • Habits are very easy, especially bad ones!

    When we are a young wearer of lenses we are careful to disinfect our contact lenses every day, to change the multifunctional solution every day, to remove the contact lenses before taking a shower... We follow to the letter the instructions of our ophthalmologist but little by little the bad habi... View Post
  • Where does the eye color come from?

    The eye color has always fascinated! Everyone has a pigmentation of their own. You thought your eyes were the same color as another? Well, that's wrong. Just like our fingerprints, the color of the eyes is unique.The most common eye color is brown. About 80% of the world's population has dark eye... View Post
  • New models of Solotica Hidrocor

    Finally ! Seven months after the launch of the daily range Solotica Aquarella daily lenses, the famous Brazilian brand of contact lenses launches not one, nor two but three new models of color lenses Solotica Hidrocor! The new Solotica Hidrocor color lenses have completely new shades! Do you wan... View Post