I am astigmatic, what lenses do I need?

I am astigmatic, what lenses do I need?

The eye is normally round, we can generally compare it to a soccer ball, but it sometimes happens to be slightly oval and that its shape is closer to that of a rugby ball, this is what the we call astigmatism. Explanations with our professional optician Sarah Marlien.

In people with astigmatism, light does not come in the same way on the retina, which gives you the impression if you are astigmatic as when you read the letters "drooling". For example, instead of seeing a well-rounded point well drawn, without correction the astigmatic eye sees a slightly oval oblique spot extended in the direction of the oval of his eye. This is why on your prescription, there is a notation with degrees: for example -1.00 (-0.75) 90°. The first two numbers correspond to the value of your visual defect and the last number, the one with the degree, corresponds to the orientation of the oval of the eye. It is this angle which makes it possible to re-establish the ellipse in clear circle. The particularity and the difficulty of adaptation of astigmatic lenses rest precisely on this axis.

If you have astigmatism, I suggest you take the following test. Close one eye and gently turn your telescope in front of your open eye: the more you turn your telescope, the more the vision becomes blurred up to 90 ° more, where there you are in total blur; what we call the "counter-axis". This test allows you to realize that if your lens moves on your eye, what is more, is an astigmatic eye, this is a problem. If you have a friend who is "just" myopic and who does the same test, it will not change anything for him to turn his glass; if he varies the distance between the glass and his eye yes, but not the direction of the glass as long as he looks in the middle, in the optical center of his glass).

Colored lenses specially designed for astigmatic

The lens laboratories have found lens stabilization solutions: this is why when you put on lenses, if you are astigmatic, it takes several tests to find the system that will suit your eye. Your girlfriend, who is astigmatic like you, will also benefit from a different degree depending on the curvature of the eye, the amount of tears she has or the blinking force of your eyelid ...

Fortunately, new technologies make it possible to overcome resistance and find optimal comfort for people with astigmatism. Yes yes, astigmats also take pleasure in wearing comfortable lenses. If you have astigmatism, we recommend Solotica toric lenses or Soleko toric lenses. They will correct your visual defects while adapting to the oval orientation of your eye. You will be able to wear the colored lenses of your choice thanks to these toric lenses.

If you feel that your correction needs to be changed or if you feel discomfort when wearing your usual lenses, do not hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist or to make an adaptation with your optician. The material or the stabilizing system may no longer suit you. A slight adjustment or a small adjustment will make all the difference.

I wish you a good vision and a good transformation of ellipses in circles!

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