What is multifocal toric color lenses ?

What is multifocal toric color lenses ?

Recently, we introduced you to toric color lenses on our postabout astigmatism. Did you know that there are also multifocal toric color lenses? We explain everything in this post with our professional optician Sarah Marlien.

"Toric multifocal lenses", here is a very long and very scary name for something yet very simple. Multifocal toric color lenses are for people with two visual defects at the same time:

  • presbyopia,
  • astigmatism.

The eye is like a camera with a zoom lens called accommodation. Over time, the muscle that allows the passage of far vision - near vision becomes more lazy: this is called presbyopia.

If you have trouble reading the small letters, you need more light than before, you stretch out your arms to read ... These are all signs that warn you. Your "camera zoom" is tired. He needs help to keep you comfortable reading.

If your eye looks more like an ellipse than a neat circle, then you are astigmatic. You then suffer from a slight deformation of the eye making you see blurred from both far and near.

Do you suffer from these two visual defects? There is no doubt, you need multifocal toric lenses to correct your vision. However, take stock with your ophthalmologist before embarking on the purchase of these custom colored lenses.

Indeed, the lens must not only correspond to the shape of your eye and be well stabilized to optimize the correction of astigmatism, but also respond to two different corrections, from far and near.

Custom toric multifocal lenses

Each person being different, the contact lens adapters realize that the different systems could have very good results both in comfort and in vision. The tests are often longer than for a simple correction of myopia and do not hesitate to regularly test new brands or new lens materials at the slightest discomfort or feeling of discomfort. Because these systems are precise, technical and individual.

New innovations regularly appear on the market. I therefore recommend that you try new lenses, whether for occasional wearing of lenses, for sports, going out or everyday. So try it and you won't be disappointed. Who says astigmatism and presbyopia cannot be compatible with colored lenses? To get rid of glasses, the result is well worth the little effort to make at the start.

Enjoy your reading, from far and near...!

The multifocal toric lenses existing on the market and which you will find on our website www.mycolorlenses.com :

- Queen's Solitaire multifocal toric Soleko: Acqua, Jade, Light Blue, Light Green, Pearl, Spice, Violet, Yellow.

For information, Soleko toric multifocal lenses are quarterly lenses.

Please send us an email with your prescription at auvavision@outlook.fr to order these multifocal toric color lenses Soleko.