Obsession Paris Lenses with Power

Obsession Paris is a French brand of color lenses born on the French Riviera.
New : Obsession Paris offers color lenses with power for myopia.

Choose your power among these 12 Obsession Paris Contact Lenses with power.

Contact lenses with contour : Seduction Sky, Seduction Kiwi, Seduction Honey, Seduction Cloud, Seduction Caramel, Seduction Pearl.
Contact lenses without contour : Sensuality Amber, Sensuality Topaze, Sensuality Moonstone, Sensuality Emerald.
Perfection Stone, Perfection Mint

Obsession Paris color lenses are available in -1.00 to -5.00 from 0.50 to 0.50. This means that these power correct near-sightedness. These color lenses will help people suffering from myopia in their daily life.