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Brown Lenses Solotica Aquarella Golden Ochre 1 Day - NEW

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Order brown Color Lenses Solotica Aquarella - Golden Ochre 1 Day

Presentation of Solotica new collection of color lenses : Aquarella.

Discover on the new collection of Solotica color lenses : Aquarella. Solotica Aquarella color lenses are available in 5 shades : Cyan Blue (blue contacts), Sea Green (green contacts), Sepia Gray (gray contacts), Golden Ochre (brown contacts) and Sienna Brown (brown contacts).

NEW : Solotica Aquarella Lenses Golden Ochre are now available with prescription.¬†Enjoy your favorite color while correcting your sight¬†ūüėÄūüĎÄ.

If you need two different powers for your left eye and your right eyes, please, order two boxes of color lenses. 

Features :
- Duration of use : 1 day
- Number of colored lenses per box : 10 color lenses or 5 pairs of color lenses,
- Diameter : 14.20 mm,
- Radius of Curvature : 8.7 mm,
- Water content : 58%,
- Material : 42% Hioxifilcon A,
- Available without power,
- With prescription : from -0.50 to -4.00 in steps of 0.25, from -4.00 to -6.00 in steps of 0.50.

The Solotica color lenses in the Aquarella collection are daily color lenses. Each box includes 10 color lenses, or 5 pairs of colored lenses.

Made in Brazil, Solotica color lenses are recognized worldwide for their high-end quality and natural effect on the eye. Solotica has a special and unique technique to create the most subtle, natural and realistic color lenses.

Why choose brown Solotica Aquarella Golden Ochre Contacts ?

You have always wanted to get brown eyes ? Discover Solotica brown Contacts Aquarella Golden Ochre. With its beautiful shades of brown these brown lenses will brighten your eyes while giving brightness to your eyes.

When can I wear my brown Contacts ?

You can wear your brown Contacts Solotica Aquarella Brown Ochre during the day, evening and even when you do sport.

Are there other models of Solotica color lenses in the Aquarella range ?

Yes, the Solotica Aquarella color lenses are available in 5 colors. We recommend blue contacts Cyan Blue if you are looking for this color for your eyes. If you prefer the green, turn instead to the green lenses Sea Green. Two different models are available in brown : Golden Ocher and Sienna Brown. Finally, Solotica has thought about gray lovers with the brown lenses Sepia Gray.

I like putting on my makeup, when should I wear my color lenses, before or after my makeup ?

We advise you to put your color lenses before applying makeup. This tip will allow you to not run your makeup.

Are Solotica Aquarella Color Lenses available with power ?

Yes, Solotica Aquarella color lenses are available without power or with prescription. With prescription, Solotica Aquarella color lenses correct myopia.

What is the duration of use of Brown Solotica Golden Ochre lenses ?

You can wear your amazing brown Contacts Solotica Golden Ochre one day. Fortunately, a box contains 5 pairs of color lenses, so you could wear your favorite brown lenses during five days.

Disclaimer :
Depending on the color of your eyes, the shape of your face, complexion, makeup, lighting and other factors, the result varies when you wear colored lenses. is a direct contact lens seller. As a professional seller, we can only sell contact lenses to you if you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.

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