Shiraz : From Miss Lebanon to ambassador of the Bella color lenses

After introducing you Nadine Nassib Njeim, we would like to introduce you the talented singer Shiraz. She is also the hegemony of the brand of color lenses Bella.

Born on the 19th September the 1983 in Jouinied, Shiraz is a Lebanese singer. She made a lot of popular hits. If you are a fan of Bella color lenses, you have probably already seen her face on our website. Indeed, Shiraz is one of the beautiful hegemony of the brand of color lenses Bella who offer color lenses with prescription and color lenses without prescription. Bella color lenses are very nice on her. Admire her eyes with the Bella Glow color lenses.

shiraz eyes with bella color lenses

From the left of the right from the top of the bottom :

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Shiraz, a very popular singer wearing Bella color lenses

Without a doubt, "Kif Badak Aani Tghib", "Gamara" and "Ayesh Ma3aya" are the hits that launched Shiraz's career in 2015 and 2016. She now continues to release new songs with success. She even won the Murex d'or in 2016 and was awarded with the title "The Star of The Youth Song". Discover her recent performance "Bella Ciao" in this YouTube video clip below. This clip was made after the broadcasting of the Netflix TV soap opera "La Casa del Papel".

Shiraz is very present on the social media : follow her on her Instagram, on her YouTube, on her Facebook page.

Shiraz, a big fan of animals

The singer Shiraz is well known for being a pet lover. She is a big supporter for the animal rights. She never hesitates to talk about the animal rights when she is interviewed.