Core Lenses Metalic (Gray Contacts) - 3 Months Use

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Be mysterious thanks to your eye with Contact Lenses CoreĀ Metalic 3 Months

Wear Contact Lenses CoreĀ Metalic Gray 3 Months and enjoy the nice effect of these Contacts on your eye. You will be quite astonished byĀ this new version of yourself.Ā 

Choose your Contact Lenses according to the color of your dreams.

If you like brown, you should like :Ā Sandy,Ā ZinniaĀ andĀ Onyx.

You can't decide between Blue and Gray, mix these colors withĀ Twilight,Ā Tan,Ā Chrome,Ā MetalicĀ andĀ Olivia.

If youĀ desire to wear Gray, pickĀ IrisĀ orĀ Metalic.

You only swear by Blue,Ā Aura BlueĀ has been made for you.

If you want to mix Blue and GreenĀ MarbleĀ is yours.

Contact LensesĀ Core 3 Months were born in the Middle East.

These Contacts are adapted at all types of eyes. They cover all the iris colors, as light eyes as dark eyes.Ā 

Features :

- Two sterile color contact lenses (40% Water, 60% Polymacon) immersed in saline
- Use : Three-monthly
- Diameter : 14.2 mm
- Base Contour : 8.60 mm

Please, note that color lensesĀ Core Metalic areĀ not available with prescription. is a direct contact lens seller. As a professional seller, we can only sell contact lenses to you if you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.