• yellow and red crazy lenses virus for cosplay
Crazy Lenses

Red and Yellow Lenses Virus - Crazy Lenses of 1 Year Use

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RedĀ and Yellow Crazy LensesĀ Virus

  • Diameter : 14.20 mm.
  • Duration of use :Ā 1 year.
  • Colors :Ā Red andĀ Yellow.
  • Contour : Without Contour.
  • A box contains 2 contact lenses.

A serious epidemic paralyzed the planet. The inhabitants of the Earth turn into men's eaters with the these red and yellow contacts Virus. Will the world survive this powerful virus ? Is it the end of the world ?Ā 

Cosplay, Halloween, Carnival, makeup... There is always an occasion to wear crazy lenses

These red and yellow crazy lenses Virus are very comfortable. You can wear them for your Cosplay pr your makeup, during Halloween or Carnival.

Do redĀ and yellow crazy lensesĀ Virus meet hygiene standards ?

Yes, redĀ and yellow crazy lenses Virus are stabilized and do not turn in the eye. Very comfortable, these redĀ and yellow colored lenses comply with CE and ISO standards. These redĀ and yellow contact lenses cover all iris colors.

I like to put makeup, when should I wear my color lenses ?

We advise you to always wear your redĀ and yellow contactsĀ before applying makeup. This tip will allow you to not run your makeup by putting your contact lenses.

How to maintain my redĀ and yellow contactsĀ ?

In order to preserve your redĀ and yellow crazy lenses while respecting hygiene standards, you must obtain a multifunctional solution to maintain your lenses and a case. When removing your contact lenses, think of soaking them with water in your holster. Thus, your redĀ and yellow colored lenses will be perfectly maintained.

How long can I wear my redĀ and yellow crazy lenses ?

RedĀ and yellow crazy contactsĀ VirusĀ can be worn for up to one year. Be sure to remove your contact lenses at night.

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