Get to know Nadine Nassib Nejeim, the hegemony of Bella color lenses

You probably noticed that Nadine Nassib Nejeim's often wear Bella color lenses. Of course, there is a reason. The beautiful Miss Lebanon 2004 is the hegemony of the Lebanese brand of color lenses Bella.

nadine nassib njeim wears bella elite mint gray beige color lenses

Born in Beirut the 7 February 1984, Nadine Nassib Nejeim started to be very famous when she was elected Miss Lebanon 2004. Then, she as the chance to represent Lebanon in Miss Universe 2005. Unfortunately, the beautiful Nadine Nassib Nejeim didn't win the biggest beauty competition in the world. But take part to Miss Universe was a huge opportunity for her. Plus to be a Lebanese actress, Nadine Nassib Nejeim is also the hegemony of Bella color lenses as the talented Lebanese singer Shiraz.

How Nadine Nassib Nejeim did to win Miss Lebanon 2004 ?

Nadine Nassib Nejein is a beautiful woman. She has black eyes, dark brown hair and her height is 5 ft 9 in. Sexy, she is born to be a model. Have you ever been on Nadine Nassib Nejeim's Instagram ? As soon as you will discover her pictures and videos you will understand why she was elected as the most beautiful woman of her country in 2004.

Nadine Nassib Nejeim : hegemony of Bella color lenses 

nadine nassib njeim eyes color lenses

Now, Nadine Nassib Nejeim is a Lebanese actress. She is also the hegemony of Bella color lenses. Bella is a Lebanese brand of color lenses who offer color lenses with or without prescription. You will discover below all the different collections of Bella color lenses. You can find all the beautiful Bella color lenses on our website :