The 8 accessories that you absolutely need in your makeup bag!

Mascaras, highlighter, eyeshadows, compact powders or free powders, makeup bases ... When you enter the make-up department are a bit like saying ... LOST? So many products, so many brands, so much of everything! Which accessories do you really need in your makeup kit? helps you to see clearly 😉.

Discover the special selection of for a makeup on top!

1. A foundation

Choosing your foundation is essential for a successful makeup!

We advise you to ALWAYS choose the exact tone of your complexion!

You do not know how to choose your foundation? We recommend an item from the Cosmopolitan store!

2. Matte paper

This paper is just a REVOLUTION! The BFF of skins that shine (without highlighter).

During the day, the excess of sebum produced gives us a fairly bright area T and we must admit it, IT'S NOT GREAT AT ALL ! So to have a unified complexion all day, add in your bag matte paper!

3. A black mascara

Black mascara is just INDISPENSABLE! Whatever the color of your eyes, black mascara is a safe bet! The tip for choosing your mascara: Choose your mascara according to the nature of your eyelashes, in these cases you will prefer a mascara curling, thickening, lengthening... a silicone brush or traditional hairbrush...

4. A lip balm (tinted)

Our lips also need hydration! Summer or winter, lip balm is essential for a hydrated mouth with a touch of pep.

5. A land of sunshine

It replaces the blush and adds a good-looking effect! You must apply it with a sun powder brush by forming a "3" on the face (you leave the forehead, you pass on the times and the cheekbones and you go down to the jaws Yes Yes it is the technique from "3" lol).

6. A beauty blender

The beauty blender has become the INDISPENSABLE to apply its foundation or its corrector! It absorbs the texture and allows it to melt on the skin for an invisible and natural rendering! Its tip allows you to reach small areas such as the eye area, the mouth and the nose!

7. A corrector

None of us are immune to an imperfection or a little redness that happens (without warning us, otherwise it would not be funny!). The corrector is to apply small touches on perfectly localized areas, it will also bring a touch of brightness to your face!

8. Obsession Paris color lenses

This year, color lenses have become a must! From gray to ocean blue to hazel brown, with color lenses you have two possibilities: lighten your eyes very discreetly or completely change your look but in a very natural way!

Two possibilities are available to you: Obsession Paris lenses exist with contour or without contour! It's up to you to choose which effect suits you best!

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