6 reasons why you should wear color lenses instead of glasses

Why you should wear color lenses rather than glasses

Color lenses are not always just worn by esthetics choices. They can be worn to avoid wearing glasses and still correct her/his vision thanks to the prescription of her/his color lenses. Discover 6 advantages of wearing color lenses that you probably didn't think about before. 

Get a better vision with color lenses

The higher your prescription is, the more impact your glasses have on your vision (distortions, magnifying glass effect, etc.). Color lenses allow regain natural vision and without aberration.

Enjoy a limitless field of vision with color lenses

When you wear glasses, the "clear vision" area is limited by the size of your frame. No more impossibility to control properly your blind spots when driving : with contact lenses you find a clear and sharp 360° field of vision.

Get a better perception of distances with color lenses

Some people who wear glasses noticed the perception of reliefs is distorted. Distance appreciation is less effective. This can be annoying when driving, playing sports such as tennis or even enjoying the latest 3D movie. Thanks to color lenses, the vision of the reliefs becomes more precise and easier.

Enjoy a better comfort with color lenses

Glasses always slide on the nose, they can also hurt yourself behind the ears or you can have steam on your glasses on rainy days or when you open your oven after cooking your favorite meat... Thanks to color lenses, you can forget all these little worries.

Color lenses with prescription for all kinds of visual defects

It's possible to correct all the visual defects with color lenses. If you are nearsighted or farsighted or presbyopia, you will need spheric color lenses. All the brands of color lenses offer spheric color lenses : Adore, Air Optix Colors, Bella, Dahab, Freshlook, Obsession Paris, Soleko, Solotica. You can find all these color lenses on our website www.mycolorlenses.com. However, if you are astigmatic, you will need toric color lenses. Two brands offers toric color lenses on the market : Soleko toric color lenses and Solotica toric color lenses

Color lenses are more convenient for your sport activities

Wearing color lenses with prescription is more comfortable when you do sport than wearing glasses. You can wear color lenses for many sports : running, cycling, basketball, football... Apart from swimming and sport water, you can nearly wear color lenses for all the sports. Thus, you will avoid to break your glasses and you will widen your vision for your sport activities. 

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