Some smart contact lenses watch the sugar rate of those who wear them

What if you were watching your sugar rate thanks to your color lenses? 

At, we recently discovered a very interesting information that we wanted to share with you. Did you know it exists some contact lenses who can keep a close eye to your sugar rate when you wear them? 

A group of South Korean researchers published in Science Advances the result of a study to design "wireless smart contact lenses" to measure the glucose levels of those who wear them.

You are probably thinking, "but how it's possible?" These contact lenses are equipped with tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which flash depending on the level of glucose in the blood, or more precisely the tears of the individual who is equipped with it.

Manufactured in the same way as conventional contact lenses, electronic circuits and LEDs in addition, this brand new system has brilliantly passed the functional test, according to the researchers who participated in its creation.

A more convenient way based on tears to manage your blood sugar

Previous research has shown that human tears can, like blood, be used to check blood sugar.

The purpose of this new research is, in fact, to facilitate the glucose test without having to take a blood sample, and without having to cry (literally) to be able to assess the sugar level.

These smart lenses are thus equipped with LEDs which light up when the sugar level is correct, and go out when it is above average. In addition, smart lenses don't need to be removed to charge, they can be charged wirelessly, said the researchers.

Smart lenses similar to ordinary lenses

This new blood glucose test system is more practical since it not only instantly gives information on the sugar level of those who wear them, but it also offers real comfort in its use.

Indeed, researchers "used ultra-fine printing methods" for its design to minimize any risk of discomfort to the user. Basically, nothing distinguishes them from the soft contact lenses that are on the market, except this particular feature.

According to the explanations of one of the scientists: "when the lens is placed in the eye, only the LED is visible to the user and it does not obstruct the vision, because it is placed on the iris and not on the pupil". And in terms of its effectiveness, the tests carried out by these researchers on a rabbit were conclusive, the diodes flashed in accordance with expectations according to its blood sugar.

Wear color lenses with prescription to correct your vision before watching your sugar rate

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