Innovation : contact lenses who zoom when you blink

Scientists created a new king of contact lenses : contact lenses who zoom when you blink

What if you could zoom when you blink thanks to your contact lenses ?

Believe it or not, but scientists of San Diego university in the United States created very original and interesting contact lenses. These lenses hasn't the power to change your color eye or to correct your vision, no, these lenses are unique. Their power ? This lens can zoom when you blink. 

Unfortunately, you will have to wait before trying this amazing lenses. These contact lenses arnen't sold yet on the market. Scientists are still working on this prototype. They are only at the research stage.

What is really interesting is the ability to control the lenses through electrical impulses from eye or eyelid movements. No button will be needed to change the prescription of his lenses, it will be much more natural.

You could probably zoom thanks to your glasses before your lenses. Scientists are working on glasses with a sensor on the temple. So, it would be enough to look down to switch your glasses to near vision mode or blink your eyes to transform them into sunglasses.

Wear color lenses with prescription to correct your vision before zooming with contact lenses

Waiting that these smart lenses are sold, you can still wear our color lenses to change your color eye and to correct your vision with our prescription color lenses  : AdoreAir Optix ColorsBellaDahabFreshlookObsession ParisSolekoSolotica.

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