All you didn't know about Huda Kattan, the Queen of Beauty

How to speak beauty without mentioning the famous Huda Kattan aka Huda Beauty! The blogger and trendsetter Huda Kattan is today at the head of an empire thanks to its famous brand Huda Beauty!

Destined for a career in finance, Huda Kattan does not feel at home in this world, does not want that life. She wants to live with her passion: makeup! She moved from Oklahoma City, her hometown, to Hollywood (the city of dreams)! She learns the basics of makeup artist. In 2008, she decided to move to Dubai without suspecting the fabulous destiny that awaits her ... (yes, it looks like a fairy tale!).

In 2010, Huda Kattan launched her YouTube channel where she directed tutorials and advises women on make-up. At first, it is mainly followed by women from the Middle East, then very quickly by women from all over the world (and us !!!). His ambition? That all women have access to true beauty advice worthy of trust! In parallel, Huda designs "homemade" false eyelashes that she sells to her friends and clients. Of course, these subscribers from around the world want to order her false eyelashes, that's where the idea came from! Huda's sister, Mona, suggests that she launch her own brand of false eyelashes! It is from this idea that Huda founded with its two sisters, Mona and Alya, the brand Huda Beauty!

Quickly considered the "queen of eyelashes", her e-shop is a full box! And do you know why ? Huda took into account all the styles and invented each model according to a particular style (nude, pin up, cat eyes ...).

Still do not know how to tune your lashes to your color lenses? Well, we will help you!

For a nude look, for the day we recommend false eyelashes Giselle # 1. Natural and light, these false eyelashes will be perfect to define the fringe of your eyelashes and especially they are very easy to apply if you are a beginner!

Also discover the new Shortie false eyelash collection in collaboration with Olivia Culpo (a former Miss Universe). This collection is dedicated to daily use, the length of these false eyelashes is shortened for a volume effect natural and sophisticated!

Finally, if you like the pin-up look of the 60's opt for the Faux Mink fake eyelash collection! With a triple fringe and tapered tips, these false eyelashes are perfect for an aerial 3D effect.

In recent months, Huda has revolutionized the world of highly pigmented eye shadow! You did not see them? IMPOSSIBLE !! All Youtubeuses and beauty influencers have talked about it and made videos about it! Beautiful palettes with deep matte makeup and sparkling iridescent! Discover all these palettes on SEPHORA (In addition to the face of Huda where his eyes are printed !! ON ADOORE)!

You do not know how to make up with your color enses?

Here are the palettes that you absolutely need if you have several colors of contact lenses:

- The New Nude palette, perfect for everyday makeup or for a special occasion!

- Desert Dusk Eyeshoadow palette, if you are not afraid of glitter this palette is for you! The latter is perfect for elaborate makeups or for evening makeups.

While fashion is velvet mouths, Huda Kattan has designed a range of matt and liquid lipsticks guaranteed without transfer! A revolution in the world of lipsticks! Mix a pencil in the lip to draw the outline of your lips, apply a matte lipstick and voila!

Our advice to combine color lenses and lipstick:

Attention ladies, if you work the mouth must stay sober on the eye makeup! Your colored lenses will take care to bring them out naturally.

If you want a matte finish, we recommend Liquid Matte Lipstick,

For a perfect lip contour, we recommend Lip Contour lip pencil.

Finally, the queen of beauty has released a few months ago, a perfume, an anti-ring and a foundation, history that we become well addicted (Yes yes, we are addicted is OFFICIAL! team Huda forever).

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