Random information : Discover the animals that have a bad eyesight !

As in humans, Mother Nature did not spoil some animals in terms of vision. Discover, who have a vision so real that even Sunglasses with power, Contact Lenses with prescription or even the laser could not help.


This animal from the African savannah is known for its huge horns! He is very often shown loading a target at a crazy speed! But do you think he sees extremely well off? Well no ! The rhinoceros sees up to four meters in front of him, so he can not tell the difference between a tree and a human being at a distance of four meters! Unless he hears or feels you, the rhinoceros has no way of knowing where you are. Be careful not to annoy this big beast that can charge a target at an incredible speed (50km / h to be precise.)


Contrary to what we have been able to say, bats are not blind! But the sight of bats is so bad that they use an echolocation system to hunt. The Smithsonian Institution explains that to spot their food in suspension, the bats emit supersonic cries that bounce off their target and return to them. They rely on the angle of the wave that is returned to them to fly towards their target.


Hedgehogs do not have the worst view of animals but they do not perceive the colors and the world is unclear. To find your way around the space, to move or to feed, the hedgehog uses the rest of his senses! If you encounter one in the wild, avoid touching it, they do not appreciate the contact with humans.


It is known and even recognized around the world, the mole does not see much! But these little experts in underground galleries are born with a perfect view! It is the fact of living underground for most of the time that makes them blind. Some moles use their eyes so little that hairs eventually grow naturally on their eyes.

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