Dare the white eyeliner to match your color lenses in 2019!

White is the new black!

This year, put into the closet the black eyeliner. It's seen and seen again! This year we dare, this year we make a splash, this year we wear the white eyeliner! Fine line, thick, double line, with or without glitter or cat eye...

White eyeliner is so trendy 

You may not have known, but the white eyeliner is trendy since 2010! WHAAAAAT? You had never heard of it? Well, we neither. But you must know that between 2010 and 2014, fashion designers like Donna Karan (founder of DKNY), Viktor & Rolf or John Galliano used the white eyeliner to make up their model! As you understand, this liner was very used on catwalks but today the entire world finally decided to adopt it.

As you understood, this summer the white eyeliner is a part of our makeup routine. We have something to be inspired. Stars like Rihanna, the sisters Hadid or Lily-Rose Deep very often use white eyeliner and set the tone! In fine line, thick, double line, with glitter, without glitter or in cat eyes you have something to feel all summer!

The white eyeliner has other virtues than that of fashion, it can "relax the eye contour", brighten your eyes and also enlarge the eye What more? 

We unveil our little makeup board to perfectly match the white eyeliner to your Color Lenses.

As for all trendy makeup (especially trendy! A faux pas it is not possible!), there are certain rules to respect. At first, consider lengthening your eyelashes, whether with false eyelashes or a volume XXL mascara. This will bring intensity to your eyes but especially a contrast!

For the rest of the eyelid, play the card of sobriety with a unique eye shadow that you will fade to have a very soft result. This makeup will highlight your white liner.

For a total optimization of your makeup, it will be necessary that your complexion is very well worked and quite tanned (one does not use the white eyeliner the winter with a flu!). But then, what is the trick for a nice tanned complexion? Use a warm sun powder and a bright blush, the white / golden contrast will bring out your eyes beautifully.

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