Habits are very easy, especially bad ones!

When we are a young wearer of lenses we are careful to disinfect our contact lenses every day, to change the multifunctional solution every day, to remove the contact lenses before taking a shower... We follow to the letter the instructions of our ophthalmologist but little by little the bad habits are installed... Discover the four bad habits of the carriers of lenses:

1. Sleep with your contact lenses

Nearly 50% of lens wearers admit to having already slept all night with contact lenses and 90% admit having already taken a nap without removing their contact lenses.
When sleeping with your lenses, you prevent the work of your eyelids that must moisturize and disinfect your eyes.

2. Take a shower or swim with your contact lenses

About 60% of contact lens wearers have already swam with contact lenses and 80% admit having already showered with their contact lenses! In both cases, the risk of infection is immense! When you swim in chlorinated water or in seawater, the risk of infection becomes greater!

3. Clean your lenses with water

More than 15% of contact lens wearers have already rinsed or mislead their contact lenses in tap water during the night. This bad (but very bad) habit is very dangerous for the health of your eyes. Water turns your lenses into a real nest of bacteria! And once the contact lenses put on your eyes, these same microbes will be able to irritate and / or infect your eyes!
Always clean your contact lenses with a suitable multifunctional solution!

4. Reuse the same solution

More than 25% of contact lens wearers reuse saline already used! It is very important, even mandatory, to discard the cleaning solution after cleaning your contact lenses.

Eyes we have only two, so we must take care! Sure

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