Have a star look with Obsession Paris color lenses!

For a night out or daily wear, color lenses are perfect for completely changing your look or just intensifying it. This year, color lenses will be in all beauty routines!

The Obsession Paris brand has been designed to beautify your eyes while remaining natural and subtle! Have you always dreamed of having the same look as your favorite stars? Here are our tips to have a star look:

Emma Stone's Green Eyes: Andrew Garfield's girlfriend, both in life and at the movies, has big green eyes with a beautiful outline. We are convinced: It is thanks to her beautiful look that Emma Stone seduced Andrew Garfield. Do you dream of having the same green eyes as Emma Stone? Discover green lenses Obsession Paris Seduction Lime Green!

The blue eyes of Adriana Lima: The top model Victoria Secret has a look of rare intensity! His look reminds us of the blue water of the Caribbean Sea. The color of Adriana Lima's eyes is also often associated with that of the goddess Athena. To have the blue eyes of Adriana Lima, we recommend the blue lenses Obsession Paris Seduction Ocean.

Rihanna's Naughty Eyes: Rihanna's hazel eyes are beautiful! With a caramel complexion, her eyes make her face just sublime! Do you dream of having the same look as Rihanna? Opt for brown color lenses Obsession Paris Seduction Honey!

Many stars have adopted color lenses in a subtle or completely assumed way. The stars are constantly surprising us on their Instagram posts or on the red carpet.

Kylie Jenner: A radical but always natural change.

No need to introduce her, Kylie Jenner is the woman to follow on the networks in 2019! You may not know it, but she is a fan of gray lenses!

Do you want to have the same look as Kylie Jenner? Opt for the gray color lenses Obsession Paris Seduction Cloud.

Shay Mitchell: Radical change and completely sexy!

We knew her in the series Pretty Little Liars and we saw her in the hit series You on Netflix! Shay Mitchell is an inspiration for all influences! During a recent photo shoot, she opted for a look as sexy as it was cold with blue-gray lenses.

You too, want to change your look radically? Discover the blue color lenses Obsession Paris Perfection Ice.

Huda Beauty: Natural and subtle change

It can be said that Huda Kattan has completely changed our makeup routine with her brand of cosmetics and false eyelashes! By peeling her Instagram in search of new makeup ideas, we discovered that she was wearing colored lenses! Huda changes color lenses according to her moods, she can go from a icy blue to a nice subtle hazelnut overnight!

Do you like the style of Huda Beauty? Discover green lenses Obsession Paris Sensuality Emerald.

Beyonce: Change while elegance and subtlety

Queen B also wears colored lenses! His desire ? Lightly lighten your eyes by adding light hazel pigmentations for a beautiful and sensual look!

If you have dark eyes and want a subtle change, discover the brown color lenses Obsession Paris Sensuality Amber.

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