How to deal with headaches ?

You have headaches more and more frequent, your eyes are extremely tired. When these symptoms appear, we always find an excuse. "I watched too much television, that's why I I have sore eyes, "" I was too late last night, that's why I have a headache." But all these symptoms can become worse because your vision has changed and it has deteriorated.

But how to know? We have to do vision tests to realize that our vision has changed and that we need to change glasses and / or contact lens correction. And who does these vision tests? The ophthalmologist! With these tests, he may be able to notice an anomaly and make you take additional tests to detect potentially infectious diseases of the eye!

It is a good idea to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist at least once a year and not wait for the end of your prescription before returning to see this eye doctor.
Here are our top three reasons to visit an ophthalmologist every year:

1 - Headaches and eyestrain
As mentioned above, headaches and eye strain often occur when your vision has changed. You can notice this when you read, use a computer or when driving. It is therefore necessary for the health of your eyes (and also for your safety) to consult an ophthalmologist to adjust your correction and find a daily "normal" (without squinting your eyes!)

2 - Diagnose patients
The vision of some people deteriorates over the years without them noticing. This decline may be natural, because related to age, so it is very easy to correct. Vision loss can also be a symptom of serious illnesses such as diabetes or glaucoma. Ophthalmological examination can diagnose these diseases, treat them or slow down their development.

Some of these diseases are hereditary, so it is recommended to be particularly vigilant if a parent with glaucoma or AMD for example.

Ophthalmological examination also makes it possible to diagnose more benign diseases, such as for example fungi or bacilli, which must be treated.

3. Flying flies
Black spots sometimes appear before your eyes and give the impression of floating. Until then nothing alarming! However, if one or more fixed black spots appear, you should immediately go see your ophthalmologist. This symptom may be caused by inflammation of the retina, retinal detachment or AMD.

In conclusion, watch your eyesight when you have a lot of headaches !

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