How to read my color lenses prescription?

To make your first purchase of color lenses on our website or to renew your contact lenses you must know the characteristics of your prescription (left eye power, right eye power, spherical or toric color lenses ...). Here are some indications to better understand your prescription and do not go wrong with your order.

You have made a mistake when you ordered your color lenses ? 

To know: If you realize that you made a mistake when you have just ordered on our website, send us an email to or contact us by phone at We will then need your order number and the change(s) to be made to send you the color lenses that correspond to you.

Check your prescription lenses

Upon receipt of your order, make sure that the prescription of your color lenses are in accordance with your order. We can not change your color lenses when you have opened the blisters or flasks of your color lenses.

1 - BC or base curve,
2 - Diameter,
3 - LE (Left Eye) / RE (Right Eye),
4 - Power of the eye, prescription : from -20.00 to +20.00 for example. 

Toric contact lenses or custom contact lenses may have additional characteristics such as the axis and the cylinder.

5 - Cylinder: Specifies astigmatism,
6 - Axis (from 0 to 180 °),
7 - Add or Add (from + 1.00 to +3.50): Specifies the correction of presbyopia,
8 - N or D: Specifies the predominance of an eye, far or near depending on the eye direction.

If you have any questions about your medical prescription, if you need help choosing a model or to choose a brand, contact us at or by email at We will be very happy to help you.


You are welcome. Do not hesitate if you have question about color lenses.

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