How to take care of your eyes when cooking?

Cooking is a hobby for some, a real chore for other people! When we cook, our eyes are not spared: the onions that make us cry, the heat that dries our eyes ... Here are our tips to be a gourmet to the perfect vision!

Cut onions

cutting onions
It is well known that cutting onions can quickly bring tears to the eyes. Although this step is very common, it is very painful! If you have eye pain when cutting onions it is because of a biological reaction that occurs between the layers. Allyl sulfate, which is a chemical component, is released as soon as an onion is cut. Its sulfur content makes it an aggressive gas for the cornea of ​​the eyes ...

How to avoid crying while cutting onions?

How to avoid crying while cutting onions?
- Cut the roots of the onion: by removing all the tour of the roots at the bottom of the onion with the help of a knife or a thrift, you will get rid of the most concentrated part suffers,
- Put your onion in the fridge before cutting (15/20 minutes), it will bite less when you cut it,
- Hold a toothpick between your teeth while cutting, or a match, being careful to keep the red end of the mat facing out.

Rub his eyes after touching an ingredient

avoid to have smoke in your eyes while cooking
When cooking, our hands come into contact with a lot of ingredients: peppers, onions, flour ... Some are volatile and just a draft to come to lodge directly on your lenses. Rubbing your eyes is already a habit to ban because dirt can lodge under your nails and your hands are never totally clean. When cooking, it is very important that your fingers do not come in contact with your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses.

How to do it if you have food in your eyes?

- If you do not wear contact lenses, rinse your eyes with saline, thermal water spray or fresh tap water,
- If you wear contact lenses, wash your hands well and remove contact lenses gently. Rinse them with a contact lens care solution.

Have smoke in your eyes

When we cook, it is very easy to be trapped by the smoke of the dishes. When opening the oven, the escaping steam often burns the eyes and dries them out. People who do not wear contact lenses are bothered for a short time, or even fogged if they wear glasses. But if you wear contact lenses, you may experience discomfort and dehydration.

How to prevent smoke from drying out your eyes?

- Begin by ventilating the room. When the smoke fills the room, you may experience breathing difficulties but also suffer from dry eye very quickly.
- When opening the oven, be careful not to position your face above the door opening. This will prevent the smoke from going straight into your eyes.

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