Bella Elite : 3 new models of color lenses available on

Bella Elite : 3 new models of color lenses available on

Until now, there were 7 different color lenses on Bella Elite collection. Now, this collection of color lenses counts 10 models. Indeed, Bella decided to complete its collection. Discover the three new color lenses of Bella Elite with us.

Bella is a Lebanese brand specialized in color lenses. These last few years, Bella created 6 different collections of contact lenses : 1 Day, Contour, Diamonds, Elite, Glow and Natural. Recently, the brand decided to add three amazing new models on its collection Elite. Discover them with us.

- Amber Gray : these color lenses are designed for people who like as much blue than gray and can't decide which color to wear,
- Mint Gray : very clear, these color lenses will enlighten your eyes,
- Crystal N : these crystal N color lenses will enchant the lover or the color gray.

new contact lenses bella elite

As for the other Bella Elite color lenses, these lenses are available with or without power and you can wear them during 3 months. Enjoy these contact lenses for your daily or for amazing makeup and share them with us on Instagram with #mycolorlenses 📱😘.

Features of Bella contact lenses :
- Contents : Two sterile color contact lenses (38% Water, Polymacon immersed in saline solution,
- Use : 3 Months,
- Diameter : 14.50 mm,
- Base Contour : 8.60 mm.

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