New models of Solotica Hidrocor

Finally ! Seven months after the launch of the daily range Solotica Aquarella daily lenses, the famous Brazilian brand of contact lenses launches not one, nor two but three new models of color lenses Solotica Hidrocor!

The new Solotica Hidrocor color lenses have completely new shades! Do you want to discover their names? Here they are :

- Solotica Hidrocor Jade,

- Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine,

- Solotica Hidrocor Safira.

These 3 names were not chosen at random, they are names of precious stones each of which has its own characteristics and virtues.

Solotica Hidrocor Jade lenses color lenses

Solotica Hidrocor Jade color lenses have several shades of green that will blend naturally with your natural iris while providing beautiful clarity! Its different shades of green will give your look a natural and luminous look. With light touches of pale yellow your eyes will be enlarged and your face will be illuminated!

Discover now exclusively the new Solotica Hidrocor Jade color lenses.

Why did they call the new model of contact lenses Solotica Hidrocor Jade?

At the time, the jade stone was the stone that represented the Emperor and embodied the powers of the sun. It was also part of the customs of some peoples. Indeed, the Central American Indians considered this stone as the core of the being as well as the chakra of the third eye.

Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine color lenses

Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine lenses are a beautiful deep blue! These Hidrocor Aquamarine lenses have slight pigmentations, which will enhance the blue color that will brighten your eyes! Thanks to a mixture of several blue pigments, Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine lenses will blend naturally with your natural iris for a radiant effect!

Discover now exclusively the new color lenses Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine.

Why did they call the new model of contact lenses Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine?

The Aquamarine stone is a stone of "noble blood". In ancient times, aquamarine was very popular, it was revered and even adored! The color of this mineral is unique, it resembles both the surface of the water and a cloudless sky!

Solotica Hidrocor Safira color lenses

Solotica Hidrocor Safira lenses are gorgeous blue-gray! This multi-tone blend will be perfect for people with clear eyes who want to enhance their look and for people with dark eyes who want to change completely!

This mix of shades of blue and gray will make your look truly natural!

Discover now exclusively the new color lenses Solotica Hidrocor Safira.

Why did they call the new color lenses Solotica Hidrocor Safira?

The word "sapphire" comes from the Hebrew sapphire, which means "the most beautiful thing in the world". From a psychic point of view, this stone symbolizes honesty, truth and fidelity!

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