Can we do sports with contact lenses ?

Sport and contact lenses do they go hand in hand ? Many of you are asking yourself this question. Especially with the arrival of Spring, which makes you want to resume the sport. answers this crucial question for you.

Playing sports with glasses is not without risk. How many of you have seen their glasses waltz on the floor after a bad shot at a basketball, handball or judo game ? Spending time putting your glasses back on the tip of your nose when you run, it's annoying is not it ? Well know that from now on, you do not have to undergo such situations anymore.

Get rid of your glasses with contact lenses

Running, gym, football, basketball, rugby, cycling, tennis, squash, badminton, combat sports, gymnastics, archery... Contact lenses are perfectly compatible with the practice of many sports. You can practice all so-called terrestrial sports with your soft contact lenses. On the other hand, if you are rather aquatic, you will have to be patient and wait for a new era to wear contact lenses underwater. Indeed, wearing contact lenses underwater (in the pool, at sea or in the ocean) is strongly discouraged. Your contact lenses may stick to your eyes and cause you an infection. We advise you to opt instead for swimming goggles with or without correction or for correcting masks in aquatic environments.

Wearing contact lenses while exercising will allow you to broaden your vision while having a perfect view. You will be more comfortable in your movements and your performances will be affected. You sill enhance your sports performance thanks to your contact lenses. Especially since you will be able to wear color lenses with correctness and so, have more confidence in you with your new look.

Protect yourself from the sun

Think of contact lenses with UV filter, which offer optimal protection against the sun, when you practice outdoor sports. Otherwise, you can always wear contact lenses and sunglasses at the same time.

Why wear contact lenses while playing sports ?

  • Your contact lenses give you a broader vision,
  • Your contact lenses allow you to see clearly,
  • Your contact lenses give you optimal freedom of movement in your movements,
  • You will not fear dropping or even breaking your glasses when you practise sports,
  • You will no longer know the vapor, the traces of dust or mud on your glasses,
  • You can have the look of your dreams with your favorite contact lenses.

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