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  • 6 reasons why you should wear color lenses instead of glasses

    Why you should wear color lenses rather than glasses Color lenses are not always just worn by esthetics choices. They can be worn to avoid wearing glasses and still correct her/his vision thanks to the prescription of her/his color lenses. Discover 6 advantages of wearing color lenses that you pr... View Post
  • How to deal with headaches ?

    You have headaches more and more frequent, your eyes are extremely tired. When these symptoms appear, we always find an excuse. "I watched too much television, that's why I I have sore eyes, "" I was too late last night, that's why I have a headache." But all these symptoms can become worse becau... View Post
  • Random information : Discover the animals that have a bad eyesight !

    As in humans, Mother Nature did not spoil some animals in terms of vision. Discover, who have a vision so real that even Sunglasses with power, Contact Lenses with prescription or even the laser could not help.RhinosThis animal from the African savannah is known for its huge horns! He is very of... View Post