The most frequently asked questions about color lenses

I have allergies, can I still use contact lenses?

Yes. Allergies, even eye allergies, are not a contraindication to wearing contact lenses. Daily contact lenses, also called disposable lenses, are often recommended because they prevent re-infection via contact lenses.

Your ophthalmologist may make the decision to prescribe contact lenses because each situation and individual is unique. Some may wear contact lenses combined with the use of anti-allergy treatment. Others will have to suspend wearing contact lenses during the pollination season.

I often have red eyes, is it due to the wearing of contact lenses?

The red eye is a reflection of a potentially important anomaly that is not due to contact lenses (such as an abscess, an ulcer ...). Immediately remove your contact lenses and consult an ophthalmologist.

I often have itchy eyes, can I wear contact lenses?

The causes are very numerous, especially related to allergies. Remove your contact lenses, clean them with saline solution and place them in a clean contact lens case, filled with saline solution.

If itching persists, consult your eye doctor.

I often have dry eyes, can I continue to put contact lenses?

No. Dry eye can be due to several origins; medical, hormonal, behavioral ... (allergies, air conditioning, pregnancy ...). It is therefore highly recommended not to wear contact lenses. First consult an ophthalmologist who can determine the origin of the drought and may prescribe color lenses adapted, a maintenance solution compatible with your needs ...

I often have eye pain, can I put color lenses?

The causes of eye pain are many: keratitis, conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis of the cornea... Remove contact lenses and consult your ophthalmologist.

I have blurred vision when I wear my contact lenses, what should I do?

Remove them immediately! Or check if they are on your eyes!

Rinse them, then make sure they are in the right place (the edges come up), that they are not reversed if you have a correction (right eye and left eye). Observe the appearance of your color lenses: if a defect appears, such as a deposit, a tear ... take new contact lenses and report the problem to your seller! If your vision is still blurry, consult your ophthalmologist.

I have a drug treatment, can I put color lenses?

Certain medications such as anti-acne, corticosteroids, anti H1 ... can interfere with the comfort of wearing contact lenses. Antihistamines used to treat allergies are also an example of incompatibility. Talk to your ophthalmologist.

I have a chronic disease, can I put color lenses?

Some diseases such as diabetes can interfere with the comfort of wearing contact lenses. Whatever your chronic pathology, talk to your ophthalmologist who will consider it. If a chronic illness occurs after contact lens fitting, contact your eye doctor to inform them. And above all, do not wait for an embarrassment to appear!

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