True or false special contact lenses

This true or false special contact lenses will help you in your daily life 

"I can buy contact lenses without a prescription"

FALSE : If you want to wear contact lenses for the first time or you are under 16, you should consult your eye doctor who will prescribe contact lenses according to your optical needs, your wearing conditions... He will then make an order valid for one year. It will be useful for your first purchase of contact lenses.

TRUE : If you do not need corrected lenses and contact lenses are only cosmetic, you do not need a prescription to order your contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses still requires regular monitoring by your ophthalmologist.

"Contact lenses are comfortable!"

TRUE : Laboratories offer multiple materials and settings to meet a wide range of demands, giving you more and more comfortable contact lenses. During the adaptation tests, your ophthalmologist determines the combination best suited to your needs for clear vision and comfortable lenses.

"Contact lenses are expensive!"

FALSE : There are contact lenses for all budgets.
Your ophthalmologist will define during your consultation the type of contact lenses adapted to your vision (spherical, toric, progressive ...) and the frequency of renewal (daily, monthly, annual). The annual budget of your contact lenses can vary between 100 € and 800 € depending on the brand of contact lenses as well as the duration you choose.

"It's easy to wear contact lenses"

TRUE : Once the right gestures are learned, putting contact lenses becomes intuitive. This simple gesture fits well into your morning routine!
Handling, maintenance, good gestures to adopt ... optical professionals will advise you with the slightest doubt.
How to maintain contact lenses? (LINK WEBLOCKS)

"Astigmatics and presbyopes can wear contact lenses"

TRUE : All visual defects can be corrected with contact lenses and simultaneously if necessary: ​​myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia... There are also different techniques and different contact lenses to meet a need for multiple compensation.

"Contact lenses can go behind the eye"

FALSE : It is impossible for a contact lens to slide behind the eye. If she slipped under the eyelid, she would be trapped in a cul-de-sac in the upper part of the eye behind the eyelid. Looking down, it is possible to reduce this cul-de-sac and massaging the eyelid to gently slide the contact lens outward. Avoid rubbing your eyes when wearing contact lenses and everything will be fine.

"You can not wear contact lenses all your life"

FALSE : Contact lenses can be worn all life (not the same of course).
It's all about compatibility, medical monitoring and compliance with hygiene rules... Our vision and our needs evolve according to our environment and our way of life... So your contact lenses will evolve over time. your life.

All your answers are right ? Are you a professional optician ? No, seriously, you killed it, you can be proud of yourself. You are a true specialist of contact lenses.

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