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TTDeye color lenses are now available on We invite you to discover these color lenses that promise a natural look with us.

For the past few days, you have had the pleasure of discovering TTDeye color lenses on our website Four sublime collections are available to you:

What are the special features of TTDeye color lenses?

All TTDeye color lenses can be used for one year. By properly maintaining your TTDeye color lenses, you can wear these natural lenses 12 months for 8 hours a day. For this, we recommend that you use a solution to clean your color lenses and store them in a case for contact lenses.

The diameter of the TTDeye color lenses is 14.00mm. This diameter is slightly lower than the average. The reason ? The contact lens brand TTDeye wants to give wearers of color lenses a very natural look.

All TTDeye color lenses provide ideal protection for your eyes by isolating ultraviolet light. Thus, you will not run any risk when you walk in midsummer by the sea under a scorching sun.

Features of TTDeye color lenses:

Duration of use: Annual,
Diameter: 14.00 mm,
Bending radius: 8.5 mm,
Material: Polymacon,
Water content: 38%,
Type of contact lenses: Soft,
Packaging: A pair of two contact lenses in a blister,
Diopters: Without prescription.

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