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  • Wold Glaucoma Week : What is glaucoma disease ?

    Have you heard of glaucoma during World Glaucoma Week? You wonder if you are affected by this pathology. Our professional optician Sarah Marlien helps you see more clearly in this post.Glaucoma is a disease that affects the optic nerve, destroying it gradually and irreversibly. This disease is of... View Post
  • Can children and teenagers wear contact lenses and color lenses?

    From what age your child can wear contact lenses or color lenses? What are the precautions to be observed? Our professional optician Sarah Marlien answers your questions.There is a priori no real minimum age to start wearing contact lenses; some children are even often forced to wear it very youn... View Post
  • What to do about dry eye?

    You are often prone to dry eyes. What is due to dry eyes? What eye sprays and which eye drops can you use? Our optician Sarah Marlien helps you to take stock of this symptom. Dry eyes can be annoying, especially when you want to wear color lensesย or contact lenses. We recommend you to settle this... View Post