Color Lenses Solotica : new daily color lenses Aquarella

Color Lenses : wear Solotica Aquarella in 2019

Solotica, the famous Brazilian brand of color lenses, has just released its new collection. And guess what ? For the first time, Solotica created daily color lenses. Let us introduce these color lenses to you.

As us, you were probably waiting the new collection of Solotica with impatience. Finally, the most liked brand of color lenses in the world has just released its new collection : Aquarella. The timing is perfect with Spring coming. This collection is available in 5 beautiful shades. We are sure you gonna have great ideas for your makeup when you will see all these beautiful color lenses. By the way, don't hesitate to share your makeup with us on Instagram with #mycolorlenses.

New Color Lenses Solotica Aquarella

At, we have tried these new color contacts Solotica Aquarella and we are really in love with this new collection.

Inspired by the Brazilian watercolor, these contact lenses collection includes 5 models :

- Golden Ochre (brown contacts)
- Sienna Brown (brown contacts),
- Sea Green (green contacts),
- Sepia Gray (gray contacts),
- Cyan Blue (blue contacts).


Golden Ochre and Sienna Brown lenses Solotica Aquarella (click on the picture to be reddirected on the product) :

new color lenses solotica new lenses solotica

Sea Green, Sepia Gray and Cyan Blue lenses Solotica Aquarella : 

new color contacts solotica new collection solotica new contacts solotica

Each box contains 10 color lenses, being 5 pairs of daily color lenses.

You can order these five amazing color lenses Solotica Aquarella on our website. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little bit to get Sepia Gray Contacts and Cyan Blue Contacts. These colored lenses are only available on preoder for the moment. But we promise to send you these two models as soon as we get it.

Do contacts Solotica Aquarella offer power ?

Power contacts Solotica Aquarella will be available at the end of March 2019.

Features of contacts Solotica Aquarella :
- Duration of use : 1 day,
- Number of colored lenses per box : 10 color lenses or 5 pairs of color lenses,
- Diameter : 14.20 mm,
- Radius of Curvature : 8.7 mm,
- Water content : 58%,
- Material : 42% Hioxifilcon A,
- Power : Without power for the moment (soon available with power).


My Color Lenses

I’m sorry, we just saw your comment on
For the moment, Solotica has only released 5 models of color lenses in its new collection Aquarella.
You can have a look on these models again on our website
We even have a discount code of 10% off with the discount code for you : NEWSOLOTICA10.

Michelle Bellissima

Can you please tell me if there will be more colors in the Aquarella line? I would prefer a more green color than Sienna Brown but not as light as Sea Green.
Thank you for your response and God bless you!

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