Do you know the major visual defects that disturb us on a daily basis?

You've probably heard of some visual defects like myopia and presbyopia. These terms are familiar to the general public. On the other hand, hyperopia and astigmatism are less so. My Color Lenses enlighten you on these terms which seem rather barbaric at first.

Myopia: You may not know it, but myopia is the most common visual defect. 29% of the French population is short-sighted. If myopic people see very closely, it is their vision from afar that leaves something to be desired. Why ? Simply because the eye, too long, leads to a blurred vision from afar. Instead of projecting itself on the retina, the image of the objects projects before the retina.

Nearly all of the brand present on are available with prescription. Thus, you can easily correct your myopia and see clearly.

Presbyopia: Presbyopia usually evolves along with the number of candles on birthday cakes. Indeed, presbyopia is due to difficulties of accommodation of the lens, which affects the near vision.

Hyperopia: Farsighted people will tell you, before putting a name on their visual disorder, they suffered from fatigue and frequent headaches. Hyperopia is the opposite of myopia. The point of convergence of the light rays lands after the retina. It then forms a blurred image, which hinders near vision. This visual defect is explained by an eye too short, it is called axial hypermetropia, or an eye not powerful enough, it is then hypermetropic power.

Astigmatism: Folding of the eyes, headaches, blurred vision, difficulties to differentiate some letters of the alphabet ... 15% of French people are astigmatics. In astigmatism, the cornea is poorly formed. Instead of being spherical, as is usually the case, it is shaped like a rugby ball. This is called a toric form. Most astigmata are also myopic or hyperopic. Rest assured, if you are astigmatic, this disorder is usually mild. But it can be tiring on a daily basis, especially when working on a computer or driving at night. Wearing corrective glasses or colored lenses with correction will relieve you.

Correct your astigmatism with our toric color lenses Solotica or our toric lenses Soleko Queen's Solitaire.

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You did well to ask us your question.
Except the monthly lenses Solotica and the daily lenses Solotica, all the annual Solotica color lenses are available in +2.00.
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