The brand of color lenses Solotica celebrates its 70 years!

The Brazilian Solotica brand of Color Lenses is 70 years old this year! Happy birthday Solotica! My Color Lenses tells you everything about Solotica brand and Solotica new collection Solotica Aquarella on this post.

70 years ! Which brand of color lenses can boast of having as much experience as the Brazilian brand Solotica? None, simply! Born in Brazil in 1949, Solotica, the brand of lenses was initially developed in Brazil and then in Latin America before developing in recent years in Europe. Its arrival on the oldest continent in the world has been delayed by its late application for CE certification (mandatory standards in Europe).

Family business, Solotica now has several hundred employees in Sao Paulo. The biggest stars wear Solotica color lenses. This is the case of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian or our favorite Kelly Jenner. These are Solotica Hidrocor 1 year contact lenses that have made the brand of Brazilian color lenses famous.

Solotica Aquarella color lenses

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Solotica has released a brand new line of colored lenses: Solotica Aquarella. A box of Solotica Aquarella color lenses contains 5 pairs of color lenses. 

Five models make up this collection of daily contact lenses:

- Cyan Blue,
- Golden Ochre,
- Sienna Brown,
- Sea Green,
- Sepia Gray.

Solotica Aquarella color lenses offers powers

You need to correction your vision ? Lucky you, Solotica Aquarella color lenses are also available with power. Chose the power of your future favorite lenses : 

- From -1.00 to -4.00 by step of 0.25,
- From -4.00 to -6.00 by step of 0.50.

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