Bella just released 5 awesome new model of color lenses introduces to you the 5 new color lenses Bella

Every year, brands of color lenses like to release new color lenses for Spring or Winter. If you are looking for grey lenses or brown lenses, you will enjoy the 5 new models of Bella color lenses.

The brand Bella is well know all around the world for her color lenses Bella. Since 2008, the Lebanese brand offer the possibility to change the color of our eyes with her comfortable color lenses

What a wonderful news to start the day learning Bella created five awesome new models of color lenses Bella in 2020 : Bella One Day Platinum Grey, Bella One Day Hazel Honey and Bella One Day Almond Brown from the collection Bella One Day ; Bella Elite Silky Grey and Bella Elite Cinnamon Brown from the Bella Elite collection.

Get brown eyes or grey eyes with these new Bella Lenses

These color lenses are made for women and men who would like to get brown eyes or grey eyes. They lighten your look. You will be a true seducer wearing these Bella color lenses. You will also make your friends jealous. You couldn't tell us we didn't warn you. 

New lenses Bella One Day

A box contains 10 lenses that is to say 5 pairs of color lenses. Each pair can be worn during 7 to 8 hours per day. The advantage of the daily lenses if that you don't have to maintain your color lenses at the end of the day. You can just throw them and wear a new pair the next day. 

new color lenses Bella One Day

Lenses Bella One Day Platinum Grey - Lenses Bella One Day Hazel Honey and Lenses Bella One Day Almond Brown.

New lenses Bella Elite

new bella elite color lenses

Lenses Bella Elite Silky Grey - Lenses Bella Elite Cinnamon Brown. 

New lenses Bella Elite can be worn during 3 months. You have to maintain them properly. We advise you to get a lenses case holder and a purpose solution. 

Bella color lenses without prescription 

For the moment, these new lenses Bella One Day and Bella Elite are offered without prescription. But you know Bella, they like the idea that everyone can wear their color lenses in the aim to change the color of their eyes and also to correct their vision if necessary. So Bella should released very soon her last color lenses with prescription. 

We also hope that the two hegemonies of Bella lenses, Nadine Nassib Njeim and Shiraz, will wear these five new color lenses. The rendering of their eyes should be splendid with a Lebanese makeup just as we like them. 

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